BrigadaCriminalComing from rocky-backgrounded bands like Los Rockinson or Fist Fuckint, Brigada Criminal was formed in this new millenium in Lazkao (Gipuzkoa). After constant touring all around the Basque Country, they auto-edited their first demo tape. Some years later they recorded an vinyl EP thanks to a Torrano tavern project. Well, in 2004 GOR gave them the chance to appear in an split CD with Stupenda Jones. ‘Osti bi’ (two kicks) is the result of these brand new 6 cuts where best Clash meet Black Flag, Ramones or even Social Distortion. No dude these kids love deep-rooted rock’n roll and like to collect a lot of records. After these recordings, BRIGADA CRIMINAL released their own first long album in GOR, tittled ‘Gure Mandamenduak’ in 2005. This is Brigada Criminal’s line up: Haritz Artola (main vocals and guitars), Joseba Arza (drums), Aitor Aldanondo (guitars and backing vocals), Iker Arza (bass).. Componentes: -Haritz Artola: guitar and vocals -Joseba Arza: drums -Iker Arza: bass guitar -Aitor Aldanondo: guitars. Contratación: GOR MANAGEMENT:948151815-948151842 Manuel de Falla 2 31005 PAMPLONA/IRUÑEA Contacto: