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After the release of the album "Bai, Sí, Yes" (GOR 2013), and Carbono Catorce (GOR 2011) 
and his record of Remixes "Missex" (GOR 2015) YOGURINHA BOROVA decides to draw his deepest 
love and presents this new album full of collaborations dedicating it to a theme and on a 
very special date "POLIAMOR" and on 02/14/2017

His dramatic and musical hyperactivity leads him to present a list of performances and 
musical collaborations, which today is difficult to perform. Better that he / she tell 
you the composers, because the list is endless. As always with the design and photos of 
the great Kiko Alcázar and the musical advice of Oier Alekoa goes ahead this magnificent 

YOGURINHA BOROVA sings in this disc in Basque Language and Spanish. Each language with its 
characteristics in themes and rhythms. Varied, multicolored and clear, POLIAMOR.

If you have not seen one of his varied shows, search  and see. It is so different from 
various places in Bilbao and you can also see it, usually in Donosti/San sebastián, Iruña/Pamplona 
or Gasteiz/Vitoria.
It is omnipresent in every show. From the presentation of an LGTB-themed film festival, 
to an African reality-show at Basque TV.