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The whole trilogy will be published in a year and a half period time, and it turns around a basic concept: the trash containers. With this first part- as you can see when you enter the web- only the green trash container is activated, that’s because it’s the one destinated to the organic matter. With the next parts of the trilogy the respective containers will be put to work too. “Materia organikoa eta gainerakoak” has 20 minutes of uninterrupted music, with 5 songs and three between-the-song themes. There also is a video clip of the song Asteroideen antzokian artista eraila (Artist killing in the theatre of asteroids). You can have more info about the trilogy in the communiqué the band has published.

The album has been recorded, mixed and masterized by Aitor Ariño in Lorentzo Records studio (Berriz) during March/ April 2008. Synths, piano, Rhodes and Hammond have been recorded in Montreal Studios with Hans Krüger. Production and coordination has been made by Kerobia and these are the people who have been involved on it. Organic matter: Mikel Zorrilla: drums, xylophone, tambourine, accordion. Mikel Isaba: synths, piano, hammond, rhodes. Alberto Isaba: bass guitar, double bass, mandolin. Xabi bandini: vocals. electric and acoustic guitar, triangle. Songs composition and lyrics: Xabi bandini Musical developement and arrangements: Kerobia and rest: Mikel Elizalde: whistling Gaizka Azketa: trumpet web and album ilustrations: Maite Gurrutxaga album artwork: Txema Domench Clip director: Lohitzune Sistiaga