STUPENDA JONES: Etorkizuna Lehertu

From 5,00 


STUPENDA JONES belong to the tradition of rock border between Alava and Navarra, which so many good names given as La Polla Records, Los del Rayo or Kaotiko. They come from Olazti in Sakana, and managed in two languages: Basque and spanish. They recorded their first songs in 2004 in a shared disk with BRIGADA CRIMINAL, which was titled "Osti BI" a good idea emerged from a disk as was clearly two bands on one CD. In that job, Stupenda Jones signed six topics, and left in our memory as "Eguzki lorea" good songs, or do not want to be like you. Now they present their new work, "Etorkizuna" burst out laughing, his first solo album.
Etorkizuna burst out laughing is full of street-style rock bands like Gluecifer, Hellacopters and Turbonegro. Eleven songs plus a video track full of rhythms and rapid change, with the formation shows the rawness, simplicity and strength of the rock & roll with direct and conscious lyrics.