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G-763-CD XABI BANDINI: “Begibakar”

An album for a story between the best and the man

XABI BANDINI happens things this last year, like the rest of the people. Start writing 
and recording songs and songs in a blog from your small apartment in Madrid. Begin to 
shape an idea. It is a story about the transmission of "Begibakar", a ship between the 
best and the human, between the passions, weaknesses and the permanent. And is taking a 
disc that contains the episodes to understand who was "Begibakar", the character that 
gives its name to the new album.

Through the voice you can discover a story accompanied by simple and balanced. 
And whoever is more valuable can accompany the author in a deeper look on the possible 
meaning of our lives.

After publishing on the networks his first song "Begibakarraren gela", now in the 
context of a nightclub, in the second chapter "Begibakarraren bidaia" and the teaser under 
the direction of Borja Lezaun. There are ten songs composed and recorded entirely by 
BANDINI, sung in Basque and Spanish, mastered in the Lorentzo Records studios with 
Aitor Ariño by the independent label GOR DISKAK.

A proposal with which from the small and genuine, wants to grow and make a niche in 
the state music scene