BALERDI BALERDI: Galtzen ikasteko metodoa

From 5,00 


In Galtzen ikasteko metodoa these are fourteen loose songs, but as they appear ordered in the cd, without being a conceptual disc, contribute to give a general sense to the album. For if, on the one hand, they develop a trajectory from childhood to old age, on the other hand, they repeatedly deal with certain themes: the presence of death, dreams and frustrations, personal contradictions, music and musicians. Maybe you’re too serious for rock’n’roll, if you do not treat them with an ironic and playful tone. The quartet formation, thanks to the riff and guitar tips provided by PETTI, makes it possible for this “GALTZEN IKASTEKO METODOA” to have the pop-rock and power-pop style that has always characterized the group’s strength. They have developed various rhythms: syncopated power-pop (“Zanbalan”, “Huts egin dut”, “Elurretan”), classic rock’n’roll (“Iruñea Motor City”, “Haur denborako egunak” , Potent pop (“Galtzen ikasteko metodoa”) and quieter (“Amaitzear da dantza garaia”), or half-time (“Fan fan oso fan”). On the other hand, the folk-rock that abounded in its previous cd has now smaller presence (“Itsasaldean”, “Biizar”). In all songs can be heard suggestive melodies, and in many of them elaborated vocal arrangements. These are, without a doubt, the already known qualities of BALERDI BALERDI.